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Cardiology Specialist in Delhi

Key Hole Heart Surgery or Port Access Cardiac Surgery

Multi-Vessel Coronary Artery bypass Surgery
Port-Access surgery has been one of the most innovative forms of cardiac operations and has been widely used for the treatment of several cardiac diseases. Port access surgery is a version of the traditional coronary artery bypass graft where the sternum is not split. Small incisions or ports are made in the chest through which the surgeon will perform the operation.

Port- Access technique is safe and permits reproduction of standardized results with the use of a very limited surgical approach. We are convinced that this is a superior procedure for certain types of surgery, including isolated primary mitral valve repair or replacement(MVR), repair of a variety of atrial septal defects (ASDs), and atrial tumors(Myxoma).

Major advantages of port access surgery are minimal trauma , lesser pain, very small incision , lesser stay in the hospital, cosmetic advantage and faster recovery.

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