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Cardiology Specialist in Delhi

Cardiac Tumors Removal

Tumors that originate in the heart are rare, but can be either benign or malignant. Because the heart is such an essential organ, even benign tumors can be life-threatening.

Symptoms - Because tumors in the heart can mimic other heart diseases, they are difficult to diagnose accurately. Tumors of the heart may involve the:

  1. Epicardium, the sheath of tissue that covers the heart
  2. Myocardium, the muscles of the heart wall
  3. Endocardium, the membrane that lines the cavities of the heart

The symptoms and signs of the condition tend to indicate what part of the heart is affected. If a person who has malignant tumors in another part of their body develops symptoms of heart disease, it may be a sign that the tumor has spread to the heart.

Treatment - Untreated benign cardiac tumors may be life threatening. Treatment of myxoma is usually done by Minimally invasive surgery or key hole surgery.

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